Resume - C.V.

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Name: Michael André Grimm

Age: 40+

Citizenship: French, German

Languages: English, French, Finnish, German

Experience: Business-, Product and Project management in foreign and multicultural environment with emphasis on IT and the travel domain

I have acquired my work experience in Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and USA since 1992 using up my multilingual and multi-cultural background. My approach to any task is based on responsibility for staff and budget.

More than 10 years of work in any role of a project (IPMA certified PM since 2005) has formed my work habits and my approach to problem solving. Project management skill is always a major factor that enables me to initiate new business with high motivation and open mind. I designed and managed corporate IT and content travel projects for over 15 years.

What people say about me:

Michael has demonstrated from early in his tenure that he understands what business is all about: well organized and keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line, realizing that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks the business, too. Being a hard working self-started employee, Michael invariably understands exactly what a project is all about, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. Michael is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person, who is frequently able to deliver new and innovative approaches to assigned projects.       

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